Friday, December 10, 2010

HAYAKI : Another Food Paradise

wonderful environment. Free WiFI.
HAYAKI, a newly cafe with variety of food has just open in Danau Kota, Setapak. It is just located beside Old Town White Coffee Cafe and near to My Mydin of Danau Kota. For your information, "HAYAKI" is a name from 3 sisters whose name are "Ha", "Ya" and "Ki". I believe you think this is funny right? But this is true. Please don't feel hesitate to ask the boss about this when you have a visit to Hayaki. Lol. According to the managing director, Chea Yin, all of the staffs are from Kelantan, no wonder they are so friendly and always serve you with their lovely smile.(Out of pure luck, I and Chea Yin are Kelantanese too,hiak hiak hiak)

Hakayi's Nasi Ulam is served with ikan goreng kunyit (deep fried fish, marinated in a base of turmeric and other seasonings), vegetables, herbaceous plants, edible wild plants, salted egg and my favorite "Budu" (a sauce that made from fermented fish in Kelantan). No surprise, I particularly love the ikan goreng kunyit, very succulent, goes very excellent with the rice and Budu. This is definitely a must-order!!

The Nasi Kerabu is almost the same with Nasi Ulam but the rice is in blue in colour because dyed by a kind of blue flower. Instead of fried fish, you can order the famous Ayam Percik (grilled chicken with spicy sauce in Kelantan) which is tender and juicy.Yummy!! There are some Keropok (fried cracker) together with ,which taste crispy and delicious too.

The last time i had my Manggo Pulut was in Kelantan some years ago. The experience was fantastic and I have been thinking of a repeat for this dish since. And thank God, Hayaki gave me this opportunity to taste it again! Manggo Pulut, a glutinous rice with coconut milk topping serve with fresh manggo. However, this dish is recommended to be shared as it is too greasy to finish alone. Due to some technical problem, the pulut was not soft enough  that day and the management had promised to seriously look into it. :)

I order Soya Jelly with Longan for my dessert. The combination of  jelly and longan is very refreshing, sweet and a bit exotic. Besides this, there are also variety of ice blended fruit juice too. I just wish I could have a bigger stomach. :(

There are a lot of foods like chicken chop, fried noodles, nasi dagang, bee hun siam, etc which are nice to be tried. Compared to some of the competitors as I accidentally mentioned above, the price at Hayaki is much more reasonable and as for food wise, the quality is there. If you’re looking for a relaxing place that also happen to serve more than decent meal, you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed at HAYAKI.

Address: 87-G, Platinum Walk, No 2, Jalan Langkawi, Setapak.
Nasi Ulam

Nasi Kerabu

Manggo Pulut

Soya Jelly with Longan

Not in the menu. Only special for me.Wahaha~~
From left is Chea Yin, me and Justin

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  1. Saya bangga dgn org Kelantan.. keep it up gang!!!